We can develop virtually in every language, both on Mac and PC platform.
We can buld every kind of application, from databaes Based to Assembler embedded solutions.
Our skills include:
  • C and C++-
  • Swift 2.0
  • Objective C 2.0/C++
  • win32 / MFC
  • C#
  • Assembler
  • PHP
  • in the past:
  • Java
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Pascal

  • Multimedia
    We currently develop every kind of multimedia contents, from interactive CDs to custom game developed in C++. ..For iPhone and now Apple TV with TvOS. We develop form both MAC and Wintel platforms. Our skills include a deep knowledge of all Apple technologies.


    We can install every kind of network solutions including:
  • hardware installation and wiring
  • Ethernet networks
  • Router
  • Internet Router
  • Switch
  • ADSL modems
  • Server installation, both on Wintel planet and on MAC.
  • Our skills include:
  • MS Windows Server
  • Mac OS X Server
  • Mac OS X server Streaming solutions
  • Integration between Mac and PC.

  • Support to tech startups:

    WEB solutions
    We can develop every stage of a WEB solution, ranging from designing a WEBsite to install a Streaming solution.
    We develop form both MAC and Wintel platforms.

    Our solutions include:
  • Acquiring photos and multimedia data, processing for the Web and integrating in our WEB solutions.
  • WEBOBJECT programming
  • PHP / ASP programming
  • Site building
  • e-commerce solutions

  • CV in European Format

    WWDC 2013

    WWDC 2012

    WWDC 2010
    WWDC 2009

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